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One word... Reflection

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Well folks, it has been quite some time since we sat down and had a chat.... but here we are and it's time to rewind. We have taken a moment to reminisce and look back on our fifth season. Yes you read that right... our FIFTH season! Holy Hannah or Frank or Susan or whomever is reading this... we continue to say... "if only the walls and halls could talk in this majestic old home." Now since the walls cannot talk and we can, we will do our best to fill you in!

This year was extra special. It was a pleasant surprise we must say. With a new logo, a new sign in our front yard, a photoshoot at our property, film crew staying here, roughly 250 guests through our doors and a bulk of those being return/repeat guests. Overall, it was a fantastic fifth season, it was exceptional, tremendous, busy yet filled with love and lots of it.

To start our season off we were blessed with a film crew using our home for accommodation for the month of May. Although people came and went, we had Earl and Freddy here for about one month. These two fellas are absolute delights. From the moment they walked in with their Cape Breton personalities shining brightly we knew we were in for a treat. The walls and halls were filled with song, laughter, joy and big smiling faces every single day. It was very sad to say our goodbyes but it was a spectacular start to our 2022. Shortly after we received our new Toba's sign and we knew it was going to be a fun summer.

As time went on we had many wonderful people book with us. We transitioned into an online reservation system (please book direct always) in which we had a few couples surprise us for a return visit. Sometimes we did not even know they were repeat until they appeared on the driveway. Those were beautiful moments. Throughout the summer, the porch nights lingered late into the evening often times with a fascination of the moon glistening off the river or the milky way peaking through. This transitioned into mornings becoming extra personal with intimate breakfast seatings per couple which was done to offer space as we were still operating amongst a pandemic.

As we began to wind down in our fifth season we finally branched into some Toba's Merchandise. This has been pleasantly received and worn by many. It is true we have kept it tucked away for those who come to visit Toba's ... but since you have made it this far we have included a picture of one of our most popular items - our hoody and a ball cap. At this moment we have Toba's Swag spreading from Central Europe to Eastern United States to Central, Western and Eastern Canada. All items are for sale at Toba's (unisex hoody, male golf tee, ladies tee, unisex hat and ladies baseball tee) but as we get more involved online we are sure they will be making an appearance on our Instagram. If you like what you see here, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Overall the transition from spring to summer to fall and into winter has allowed for wedding planning to begin for Kelly and some travel for Cathy. The winter days are starting to get brighter and we are still taking guests but on a call/email basis. Winter in Nova Scotia this year has been sunny and mild. Little to no snow, some rain and all in all it has been peaceful. We are excited for 2023 Toba season to begin and we hope to see you soon!

Thank you all for reading this, for helping support Toba's and for following Toba's endeavours. It is your love and support that keeps our fuel going. Please know that we love hearing from you! We encourage you to send photo's that you have taken which show memories you have had while at Toba's, in Nova Scotia or even just things in your life that bring you joy. Send them our way and we may post them on our Social Media. Thank you for being you and we hope you can find love in even the smallest of things today and everyday there after, sending big healthy hugs... Kelly & Cathy

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