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Last year of business

Updated: Mar 10

Come stay with us for our final year of business! We are closing our doors after a remarkable journey of welcoming in world travellers to our home. This beautiful business began in 2017 on a whim, a spark, a moment of spontaneity. We ourselves were travellers of the East Coast upon discovery of this incredible opportunity awaiting us. We were here for a short vacation and while we always dreamed of running a B&B this adventure wasn't planned.

In May of 2017, we fell in love with this magical spot. The house itself, being a ship captains home tastefully designed with beautiful hard wood. The view overlooking the LaHave river with sea-life, sail boats and fresh salty air. The location being close to all the main attractions yet positioned in a place of serenity. The community and having neighbours who could share the history of this home, this area and have memories of the ship captain who built this home in 1912. Then there is the sunsets, arguably the best on the South Shore. After all of this, it wasn't long until we started designing our small business and soon came our license, a logo, a Toba's sign and the many renovations.

Fast forward to our first guests, the ones who really had us questioning our decision. In 2018, it was April when we welcomed in our first guests. They were travelling all the way from Saskatchewan for a hockey tournament. We were unsure if we should take them as we were still renovating. They wanted to book the full house and they wanted to stay for one entire week. We truly thought we were nuts and unprepared. However, it was as if everything was meant to happen.

When our first guests arrived we were exhausted from cleaning and painting all day. What happened next was they brought us light, love and many serendipitous moments. This stay was shortly after the tragedy of Humboldt. A devastating bus crash taking the lives of many young souls. This was an emotional stay for all of us. Kelly being a recent graduate from University of Mount Allison where she played hockey there for four years and these parents traveling for their young daughters hockey tournament. Needless to say, this stay was beyond impactful. We all helped each other navigate through many different feelings and emotions. When these lovely humans checked out, we looked at each other (Cathy and Kelly) and said "what did we sign up for?" Since this moment we have been blessed with many many beautiful people.

Toba's has had many repeat guests for many years now. One incredible couple even made the goal to stay at Toba's for every month of the year. They are checking out today from their March visit and next month they will complete 12/12 months by checking off their April stay. We have become so close with many of those who have found there way into our home. It has truly been the best business to have owned and operated as a mother daughter team.

With all of this to say, we've made the tough decision to close our doors in November of 2024. One last year of opening our doors to welcome people in. One last year to be part of the travels from many people all over the world. Although it has been incredible, we know it is time for us to evolve into a different path. One that allows us to see the world and start crossing off some of our wish lists. This is a beautiful business, and we are beyond grateful to have had these years sharing these moments together. As hard as it is to say, we know it is time! We are very excited to welcome you all in for one last visit! We love you and we thank you for all of your ongoing support. We hope to host you soon.

Sending love and hugs, Kelly & Cathy

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