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Take Hwy 103 towards Lunenburg until you reach Exit 11. Once you've taken exit 11, continue heading south on Hwy 324 until Hwy 332 and then turn right. 


Scenic route: For an additional 12 minutes, continue along the lighthouse route (Hwy 332) until you stumble upon Toba's Bed and Breakfast at 4952 Hwy 332. 


Google Route: After turning right on NS 332, then turn right onto Grimm road. Follow until it hits the river, then turn left onto Hwy 332, keep your eyes on the road and you will soon find Toba's B&B at 4952 Hwy 332.

Approximate time from Halifax1hr 24 min. 

Personal recommendation: Take the scenic drive and follow the lighthouse route. The added time is worth the views of the water. Alternatively, Grimm road is quite rugged and through forest, it may save time but while on vacation we suggest following Hwy 332. 


Take Hwy 103 towards Halifax. Follow this until exit 13,signs towards NS 325 S. Turn right onto NS 325. Turn right onto LaHave street. Follow this until NS 332 E then turn right. Keep your eyes on the road and you will soon see Toba's B&B at 4952 Hwy 332.

Approximate time 2hrs 24min


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