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Happy traveling ...what is it all about?

Finding pure bliss in the little moments is often easier when you take a step away from your regular routine. Let's face it, we live in a world filled with beauty everywhere but sometimes it gets clouded with chaos, sadness, heartache and often it becomes necessary to take a break from that reality to find the sunshine again.

We have learned first hand through our own exploration, as well as through the hundreds of guests who have shared their special moments with us, that the South Shore brings a joy to most that is unexplainable. People from over 30 countries around the world have stayed with us here at Toba's B&B. In our short 5 years of operating, one thing remains true... the South Shore of Nova Scotia is a remarkably happy place.

What makes it that way? This province is one that promotes outdoor activities, has high community involvement and kindness matters....people truly care about one another. This in itself is a great starting point. The views throughout the province whether it be the South Shore, Cape Breton, The Bay of Fundy or Downtown Halifax... all of them are appealing to the eye. Specifically focusing on the South Shore, one can be prepared to experience some of the most spectacular beaches, Unesco world heritage sites, colourful buildings, coastal hikes, museums, The Bluenose, waterfront restaurants, fresh seafood, generational storytelling and many other special attractions. The community is so vibrant and in summers the streets fill with people who are all on mini life adventures. It is not abnormal for a local business to rely on trust for payment if they function off e-transfer and cash only. Letting the customer walk away with their goods and not having paid - but trusting that they will when they get home. This is Nova Scotia community. Pure, kind, loving people.

A few notes when packing your bags and planning your trip:

1) Kindness goes a long way... When getting out to explore the world it becomes important to have kindness for the places you visit. A small tourist town such as Lunenburg is remarkably beautiful but traveling in busy months such as August also means you may have to wait an hour or more for dinner. It helps that in this gem of a location you may just bump into a friendly crowd and make new friends while waiting for your meal.

2) Do not over plan.... This magnificent part of Canada has so many spectacular things to see. Part of the beauty is following the road that may lead to a dead end - nonetheless - this dead end may have beautiful ocean views. We often hear from guests that they want to see it all but not enough time - our advice: keep it simple. Plan for only a few things as you will probably bump into a local who will give you all of their personal recommendations along the way.

3) An open mind for island time... Nova Scotia is known to be laid back. If you are in a rush, good luck - but hey aren't you on vacation anyway? Be prepared to have interruptions in plans as that is what the East Coast is all about. Relax, take it easy and enjoy the coastline.

4) Canada's Ocean Playground.... The license plate slogan for this province. Not only are there several beaches, waterfalls, lighthouses and the highest tides in the world, but there are also many woodlands and forests. If you enjoy the birds and the bees, this is a destination where you can sit amongst the softwood trees and listen to the song sparrows sing from branch to branch and bees buzz from flower to flower. You can also surf waves or go whale watching.... Overall, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor activities to do so make sure you pack your hiking shoes.

5) Zoom zoom - rent a car early on.... This year we had guests have to alter their reservations due to rental car shortages. Having a form of transportation in Nova Scotia is almost necessary if you want to get out and explore the beauty. There are so many spectacular areas and regions that it is best to have wheels to get around.

The Bed and Breakfast has taught us many things over the years, one being the importance of a stress free vacation. Living in Nova Scotia, operating a small business along the South Shore and exploring the beautiful land with the help of guests' stories... we have confirmed that this is a happy place to visit and vacation. The next time you are seeking a little getaway, remember to consider the East Coast of Canada. Thank you all for taking the time to read our blog.

Big hugs and see you soon at Toba's Bed & Breakfast, Kelly & Cathy.

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