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First season done - no turning back for this duo

Still smilihg ...

So who would of thought that 8 months would disappear in what felt like a heart beat ... ok well, maybe more like a few heartbeats! Our days were packed and filled with things we both probably didn't even contemplate before taking on this new adventure and diving into the ocean blue HEAD FIRST lol!

The experience of "newness" certainly has it's perks and most definitely times of complete and utter "are you serious" moments that seem to just fold into each other seamlessly. Now I will say for certain that there indeed was a learning curve for both of us to endure - some things of course being the same issues for us both to face but as well, there were also our own unique individual stretches we were called upon to explore. For any of you who have not seen or heard of the youtube video called "linda you're not listening", please do check it out .. it was our saving grace in the craziest of moments. This little exercise of deflection served our relationship very well as mother and daughter - the personna of LINDA took all of the criticisms and overload so that we could maintain and even strengthen our already beautiful relationship! Anyone visiting Toba's BnB I'm sure will hear the occasional "LINDA" being spoken in the background lol.

If we were to take a truthful and honest vote on the whole guest experiences of the summer, it would be unanimous and most definitely in favour of us having the "best guests" we could have ever imagined ... Our guests have now become friends and family who still after months of sharing space with us, are still connected to us for no other reason other than because they choose to be! That feels like a great lottery win to us ... and full hearts to boot!

We learned many things about ourselves in the process of opening a bed and breakfast for the first time as well as the importance of acquiring patience while in the process of renovations. We learned to compromise and get creative when time lines went out the window and things needed to be complete and weren't due to unforeseen circumstances ... what's the saying - whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger WELL we have definitely grown some big muscles lol.

Laughter is key

Building a healthy foundation onto which more can further be built is so important and we have done just that! Hard work, sore backs, exhaustion was counteracted with laughter, joy and exceptional memories that will continue to serve our hearts forever ... we are two very happy grateful humans for having said a resounding YES to this opportunity when it sailed our way. We look so forward to beginning our next season at Tobas Bed and Breakfast and cannot wait to welcome in more new faces and reconnect with old ones ...

Until then we wish you the very best in this glorious holiday season and hope that your journey into 2019 surrounds you with much peace, love and health ... and who knows, maybe even a little getaway to the East Coast.

Thanks again for reading our blog, if you have any questions feel free to send us an email, even if it is to simply say hello :)

Kelly & Cathy


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