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5 Beautiful spots to visit along the South Shore

When Cathy and I are finally able to get out of the house, oh boy do we get ourselves into trouble.

When you run a Bed & Breakfast the way we have chosen to do so, it isn't just a clean house and a homemade breakfast. But instead we have found ourselves involved with nightly entertainment and getting to know our guests. Now this is such a wonderful experience, but this also means that we hardly ever leave the house ...but when we do, it's always a treat!

The South Shore is such an amazing part of this country that we truly believe everyone should experience. From the UNESCO world heritage site, to the unique beaches we are surrounded by, there are so many stops to recommend. For those of you who plan on heading out this way we have put together a few beautiful sights for you to enjoy.

1) The amazing Lunenburg, a walking town that is a must stop. From the colourful streets to the exquisite food choices that are offered, this is a place like no other. If you are keen with learning the culture, the fisheries museum is calling your name. If you want to be outside, consider hopping on the back of a trolley and having a guided tour while riding through town led by a horse. If water is more your thing, you can go deep sea fishing or whale watching. What about golf you may ask? Well, right across the way there is a beautiful 9 hole golf course. If coming home with little treasures is more your style, Lunenburg is filled with unique shopping and art galleries. Overall, being in this town feels as if you are in a story book where the old times have been preserved and brought back to life.

2) Another beautiful stop is Mahone Bay. A smaller town indeed, but one with such a picturesque waterfront. You will be in awe when you drive down the hill and immediately there are these three churches just staring at you across the waterway. Mahone Bay is lined with locally sourced restaurants as well as smiling people. This too is a walking town where you can easily lose track of time. On a sunny day you may catch the reflection in the water, and oh sweet heavens it is quite spectacular, or on a cloudy day, you may be lucky enough to see the fog beginning to roll in ... this makes for a true maritime experience.

3) Blue Rocks is a place to go if you are in the mood for a hidden gem. This small fishing village is also so picturesque it feels as if you have left Canada. When the water is still you may find yourself getting lost in it's beauty. But on a windy day, well that truly is when the east coast shines it's true colours ... a beautiful spot to visit on a gloomy day. Here you will be able to see the old wharf fight for it's life as it is hit with the crashing waves as well as you will be able to sit back and listen to the creaking of the boats as they rock back and forth while the wind blows. You must keep an eye out at Blue Rocks because you are more than likely to see a deer prance across the rocky road.

4) The Ovens Natural Park. Here you can get involved with sea kayaking, sea caves, gold panning as well as enlighten your senses with incredible live music every night. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, it is quite the treat with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The people are so lovely here and it is truly the view that is a must see. Not to mention, if you

are heading over to the Ovens, do not forget to ask about the ship wreck in Feltzen South. If you are in the mood you can drive around to find the washed up boat. The boat makes for spectacular pictures and is a neat experience to add to the memories.

5) Take a trip on over to Lahave. The amount of positive things to say are endless. From breathtaking beaches, to stand up paddle boarding, to the Petite Rivière Vineyards, to antique shops, to the famous Lahave Bakery, once you cross the ferry there are many things to do. This is a must see for anyone heading to the South Shore. Not only can you experience a cable ferry ride, but you are also able to go exploring and visit the islands with a coffee in hand from century old Lahave Bakery. While heading to the islands, feel free to stop into the Maritime Museum and learn even more East Coast history.

So there we have it, just a few of the key spots that should not be missed while traveling the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The lovely thing is if you are looking for more suggestions, or a Bed & Breakfast located in the middle of these attractions, Toba's is here to help you out. Not only do we run Toba's Bed & Breakfast, but we are also a mother daughter dream team who love people and exploring. We are continually trying out new things and finding different spots so we can suggest something to suit everyone.

Thanks again for reading our blog, if you have any questions feel free to send us an email ☺️ even if just to say hello ...

Happy Friday,

Kelly & Cathy


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