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Love is in the air ...

Ok so it is a few days past February 14th, the infamous LOVE DAY we have all come to know as Valentine's day, and I find myself pondering if in fact it is too late for us to be writing about a day that has already come and gone .. but has it really? Perhaps on a calendar yes but not in the hearts of us two crazy love beings!

I pose this question to all of you "love-hearted" ones reading our blog and truly wonder if there are at least a few of you out there that share the very same deep sentiments of LOVE that we do?  To us, love and gratitude go hand in hand and find us completely encapsulated in it's magical spell more than just one day a year when the patron St. Valentine makes his way into the atmospheric realm of romance bringing about mystery and allure to the hearts of many. For us, we find LOVE in almost everything we do and try to see the beauty that surrounds us in the most simpliest of things! 

 The beauty of a day, the promise of a sunrise and sunset; the simple pleasantries shared amongst our fellow passerbys or perhaps even the intimate sharing of hearts that magically stir while engaged in the act of sharing a simple cup of tea together ... YES I know, not quite the fluffy stuff Valentine's Day is known for but underneath all the cards, chocolate and flowers lies the very essence of the same things - love and connection!! A special type of reverence for the magic one feels when they are able to open their hearts and fully experience a taste of true divine connection with another, all awhile freely sharing the moments together that life has given to each and everyone of us. Spectacular...  yes indeed, and very much the stuff that memories are truly made of!

Through the years, we have been so blessed and fortunate to be able to enjoy so many of these kinds of moments together. Whether it be through our love for travel and experiencing the vast array of different landscapes this world has to offer...

or let us not forget the cultures and company ... 

OR the foods and WINE that make the experience so unique ...

our hearts are always open to new adventure!

So what does this all this love talk and Valentine's Day have to do with TOBA'S one may ask? Well it's really quite simple ... we CELEBRATE the HEART everyday and in everyway we find possible. This entire experience and journey unfolding in our lives right now is because we were able to recognize the love, embrace the opportunity and cherish the gift being bestowed upon us ... the love our fellow owners had for their home, the opportunity for us to continue to be care takers of this home and most importantly, the gratitude we will forever be blessesd to have as we embrace and love through the many new connections of the heart sure to come!

One final Valentine's Day wish from our hearts to yours ..

"May the romance of life lead your heart to embrace the very dreams you have buried within and may you find the joy of sharing the very essence of your love with all whom you cherish and adore, always! "- heart doctor ❤️

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