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Who would have thought about all of the decisions it takes to open a successful bed and breakfast?

Here we have it, two family members working as a team to figure out the ropes before our grand opening in May. It seems that the roads are endless when it comes to making concrete decisions because our goal is for our guests to fall in love with their eastern experience. From our beautiful heritage home to the water front views to the spectacular art to the meaningful conversations, we hope that anyone who enters as guests leave as friends. As cliche as that sounds, this is one thing that we have learned while making many different decisions for our BnB…. All of the thought gone into this has allowed for us to realize that this mother and daughter team is one that will do our very best to make everyone feel comfortable while staying at Toba's.

When going back and forth on options we always come back to the idea that we want to make this an amazing journey. At Toba’s it is not just about staying at a bed a breakfast or getting the cheapest place around the block, but instead here we hope to share memories and make longstanding connections. One of the main reasons for our excitement within this industry is because we love people, travel and hospitality. Our home is a place that we wish to share with people who will be just as excited as we are to relax while watching the magnificent sunsets and breathtaking views. It is a place for relationships to strengthen and memories to be made. We hope that our guests choose to stay with us because of our authentic home, but also because of our warm hearted personalities.

Now for our future guests… We are so excited to host and have you stay in our charming home. When you enter our beautiful piece of paradise you will see the authenticity and craftsmanship that has been put into the house to retain its originality from 1912. This small town house is located off the beaten path but is worth your while if you are looking for a historical home, great company, unique art, lovely views, a step into our culture and a break from your reality. With our recommendations of local attractions we thrive in helping make sure your trip is organized perfectly to suit all your needs. If you are interested in the tourist attractions, thats okay cause so are we and we would love to help you plan your adventure with the use of our 3-5 day itineraries.

Now when it comes to relaxation I hope you know that we have an onsite wellness centre with many holistic services adding to your own unique experience. This as well as our home has a quiet room for you to be able to unwind, relax and shut down from any major stressors. That is if swinging on the porch with a glass of wine and listening to the soothing waves doesn’t do the job….

So there we have it, a little more insight into the creation process of Toba’s Bed and Breakfast. We are just two individuals extremely excited to host you in our wonderful home. And yes, this is our home… A place in which you can come, relax and destress while receiving local tips and tricks to help you have a remarkable, unforgettable east coast experience.

Thank you for reading and we cannot wait to officially open our doors in May. We hope to see you this summer and stay tuned for our next post! Please feel free to check out our website at and sign up for email subscriptions!

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