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It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Through the lovely month of December, when walking within the beautiful town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia you can expect to be surrounded by holiday joy. Now you may not have ever considered traveling to the East Coast around the Christmas Holidays, however, tis truly the season to embark upon a winter wonderland along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Photo Cred By: sminky_pinky100

In Lunenburg -the Christmas Tree Capital of the World - you are surrounded and embraced with nothing less than a winter wonderland. While exploring this captivating town you are not only walking through the winner of Prettiest Painted Places in Canada, but also exposed to many locally created decorations and Maritime-influenced souvenirs. Local artists hang their hand crafted masterpieces in store windows with care. The town is quietly buzzing leaving you with a peaceful and relaxed feeling while you hum along with Christmas carols. The community is friendly and welcomes everyone in like family. When visiting a shop, plan on adding some extra time, as it may take longer then expected when you start talking with the locals and realize that there are many more stops to be made while nearby.

If visiting after The Lunenburg Old Fashioned Christmas Festival has taken place (although I highly recommend going), the town feels extra special with hundreds of christmas tree's decorated with such elegance. From sparkly white to freshly cut Nova Scotian fir's, Lunenburg has it all... Including the only Lobster Crate Christmas tree that I have ever seen ... To finish off this amazing journey, a walk along the shoreline is a must as it is here that you will be sure to spot the enchanting Bluenose II shining extra bright with it's magnificent festive twinkly lights.

Photo Cred By: @maritimeriver

A lovely holiday vacation near the charming little town of Lunenburg is one that would not be easily forgotten. To get away from reality and take a step back to the South Shore during the winter season is something that everyone should experience. One of the biggest perks is that you can do all of your Christmas shopping and support local artisans by gifting their beautiful and unique hand crafted artwork to those on your nice list. There is nothing more special than receiving a gift that has been inspired and created with such attention paid to the finest details - gifts that will help to create forever memories.

When considering having an East Coast Holiday Getaway, Toba's is here for you. Located off the lighthouse route with waterfront views we offer an amazing getaway spot. There are many beautiful spots along the South Shore of Nova Scotia that can make your holiday a spectacular one, but for now, we invite you to share with us in the tranquil county of Lunenburg.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season!

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