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Our lives are full of signposts, it's up to us to read them ...

Okay so here we go onto blogpost number two lol. It's important for me to begin by sharing that we are so touched with all the genuine well wishes and positive support we are receiving for this up and coming adventure of ours, we are sending a huge THANK YOU out to all of you whom have liked, shared and personally reached out to us.

It's always nice to know that there is actually someone out there in the cosmos reading what is being put out haha.

Anyways, it's important for us to never overlook the kindness coming our way and for you to know that we so very much appreciate everyone of you that have taken a moment out of your time to lend the support that you have so early on in this project of ours! You have brightened the hearts of two gals by doing so. The positive vibes have been integrated and will most definitely be following us out East to our new home in which we will graciously share abundantly to all those who find their way to TOBA'S.

Now, I feel the need to explain the purpose behind this blog. To me, it's a way of documenting and giving attention to the unfolding process of starting up a Bed and Breakfast for the very first time, out of province as I continue to remind myself. As well, it also serves as a way of remembering that this too is all just part of a spectacular journey ... one that has many different threads intertwined making up this beautiful tapestry known as life. These periodic posts will be written to share the events leading all the way up to the opening of this new business (May 1, 2018) and the many experiences and moments that will continue to follow afterwards. This is ALL brand new for us and very exciting I might add. So please don't forget to join our mailing list below the post - that way you are free to follow along with us if this is something that your heart desires to do.

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" Lao Tzu.

In our case the journey is more like 2,229.8 miles, but whose counting, it has truly begun as one glorious step in front of the other!

Ok so back to the real sharing for today - SIGNPOSTS, they are EVERYWHERE, physically and metaphorically speaking.

This entire Bed and Breakfast thing just became VERY REAL to me the other day when the previous home owner Daniel - our mentor, friend and (brotha ), sent us a pic of our very own signpost that him and his wife Lesley had especially made for Kelly as a graduation present from them to her. I know, crazy beautiful heart gift, that's just who they are!

Anyways, this sign is the very one that will be displayed on the front yard of our Bed and Breakfast signally to everyone driving by where to find us ... OHHH MY, what an incredible feeling seeing those words and our very own number displayed for the very first time - I must say it caught me, all in a grand way of course!

This dream is actually happening; things are starting to fall into place and we are getting closer everyday to this becoming a reality. All the inspections have been done, the licence approved and I might add they ALL came with such glowing raving reports, I am simply amazed at how truly divine this all really is.

AHH, life is so incredible isn't it? It can be filled with so much uncertainty at times as well as fears of the future BUT this signpost will always be a reminder to me that beautiful things can and DO happen. It will also remind me every time I look at it just exactly what TOBA'S Bed and Breakfast stands for ...

It is not just a clean safe space to lay your head after a day's travel OR a morning bite before heading off into the day's upcoming activities. Of course it is all that but truly it is so much more. The spirit behind the name represents the love and compassion that each traveler passing through deserves to be served; it represents the belief in having faith that with hard work and determination dreams do really become reality; it represents that once you step inside our humble abode, you will be graced with a kindness that you can take with you wherever your own journey calls you to venture; it represents a shared connectedness of the heart, and whether we ever realize it or not, this is something each human being longs to experience and know for themselves.

So when you see our signpost, just remember the spirit within and behind the name TOBA'S! It is so much more than a resting place ... if you find your way in, you may soon discover a hidden magic that holds the key to perhaps unlocking and awakening whatever dreams may still lie within YOU! Life is an adventure for all of us to explore ... use the signposts - let yourself get lost and be found!

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