5 Beautiful spots to visit along the South Shore

When Cathy and I are finally able to get out of the house, oh boy do we get ourselves into trouble. When you run a Bed & Breakfast the way we have chosen to do so, it isn't just a clean house and a homemade breakfast. But instead we have found ourselves involved with nightly entertainment and getting to know our guests. Now this is such a wonderful experience, but this also means that we hardly ever leave the house ...but when we do, it's always a treat! The South Shore is such an amazing part of this country that we truly believe everyone should experience. From the UNESCO world heritage site, to the unique beaches we are surrounded by, there are so many stops to recommend. For those of you

The good, the bad and the craziness about going into business with your Mother.

They say "do not ever go into business with your friends," but what about your own mother? It was last May when we decided to embark upon this amazing new journey, and even though this B&B has been on our radar for over a year now.... neither of us were quite prepared for all of the things we were about to experience. So here we are, after a few minor set backs, we are now able to share some of the craziness we have gone through while trying to work as a team. A 23 year old daughter who has been a competitive athlete most of her life and a nurturing and caring mother who has always been able to create a warm and welcoming place wherever she goes. The two of us tend to describe ourselves as

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