Lights, Camera... Action!

Where have we been you may ask? Traveling the East Coast and learning about the true maritime culture has kept us quite busy.. With daily room checks and trying to figure out renovations, all while having guests come and stay with us BEFORE opening and finally learning how to start cooking in our brand new kitchen, our time has been more than occupied... To back track we are beyond grateful to have met the people we have in the last little while. From our next door neighbour who has lived here for 72 years, to our neighbour two doors down that provides us with unbelievably delicious homemade jam. This little community has spoiled us rotten. Not to mention the beautiful souls who have found t

If planning a trip check out to Nova Scotia check out

Toba's Bed & Breakfast

4952 HWY 332

East LaHave, NS

B4V0V6 | 1-833-862-2722

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